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Figure 2

From: Multivariate relationships between international normalized ratio and vitamin K-dependent coagulation-derived parameters in normal healthy donors and oral anticoagulant therapy patients

Figure 2

Relationships between INR and plasma clotting factors, protein C and F1+2 prothrombin fragments in normal donors and patients on OAT. Cases representing patients on OAT are marked as open circles (), those representing healthy donors or patients not receiving OAT are marked by closed circles (). For non-linear associations of raw data (left panel) correlation coefficients represent Spearman's non-linear correlation; for log transformed data correlation coefficients represent partial correlation (for the model including all variables); insignificant coefficients marked with an asterisk, for the remaining p « 0.0001; coefficients estimated for whole set of experimental data (n = 203). In both methods the lines were computer-fitted to the data using the quasi-Newton algorithm.

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