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Table 2 Logistic regression analysis of all TG-derived parameters and LAC Screen ratio as independent parameters and history of thrombosis as dependent parameter

From: Thrombin generation as marker to estimate thrombosis risk in patients with abnormal test results in lupus anticoagulant routine diagnostics

  Regression coeffizient B Standard error Wald test p Exp (B)
RC-high AUC −0.001 0.000 9.434 (df = 1) 0.002 0.999
Constant 1.653 0.831 3.953 (df = 1) 0.047 5.223
  1. Analysis was performed by forward inclusion. Variables were stepwise included if p – value was < 0.05 and the model is recalculated until only variables with p < 0.05 remain in the model.