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Table 4 Physician reasons for not prescribing Warfarin (n = 330)

From: Impact of stated barriers on proposed warfarin prescription for atrial fibrillation: a survey of Canadian physicians

  When you do NOT initiate Warfarin (Coumadin) treatment for patients who have chronic atrial fibrillation, what reasons account for this decision?
  All Geriatricians (n = 51) Family doctors (n = 151) Internal Medicine Specialists (n = 128) P-value§
Patient judged low risk 55.5% 25.5%a 51.7%b 71.9%c <0.01
Bleeding risk 67.3% 52.9%a 63.6%a 77.3%b <0.01
Fall risk 68.2% 47.1%a 71.5%b 72.7%b <0.01
Advanced age 25.5% 7.8%a 31.1%b 25.8%b <0.01
Expected poor patient compliance 59.7% 74.5%a 49%b 66.4%a <0.01
Monitoring/management logistical issues 26.4% 52.9%a 14.6%b 29.7%c <0.01
Other 14.5% 19.6%a 13.2%a 14.1%a 0.53
  1. §Kruskal-Wallis; P < 0.05. Subscripts denote a subset of physician group categories whose column proportions are similar at the P = 0.05 level. For example, columns both containing the subscript ‘a’ are similar, but can be differentiated from columns containing b. Columns containing ‘a,b’ cannot be differentiated from columns containing ‘a’ or ‘b’.