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Figure 2

From: Platelet-derived NO slows thrombus growth on a collagen type III surface

Figure 2

Dose dependence of thrombus formation. The extent of platelet adhesion onto the surface, as assessed by the percentage of the collagen-coated surface covered by platelets, is shown as a function of time. Perfusions for shear [100 (■), 1000 (□), 1500 (), and 2000 () s-1] were performed for 5 minutes (Figure 2A). Perfusions for control (■), insulin [100 () and 1000 pM ()] and isoproterenol [100 (▲) and 1000 μM ()] were performed at 1000 s-1 (Figures 2B-C) for 6 minutes. The results presented are mean ± s.e.m. of at least 5 experiments using 5 different blood donors.

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