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Figure 1

From: MRI of coronary artery atherosclerosis in rabbits: Histopathology-MRI correlation and atheroma characterization

Figure 1

Top row: Contiguous in vivo gradient echo MR images are shown with different levels of coronary artery proximal to distal side (left to right) showing three coronary arteries (shown as arrows) with phantom tube (shown as P). Middle row: Note the arterial wall thickness increase (red arrow) and plaque atheroma (yellow arrow) developed around coronary wall at different levels. The insert A represents zoomed view of serial in vivo image in center. Bottom row: Co-registered histology sections of MRI matched coronary artery showing wall thickness and plaque at various levels. Outer adventitia and media layers are shown (blue-purple) and high-risk atheroma and plaques are shown as red obstructing lumen.

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