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Table 2 In control group animals, frequency of plaques, ulceration and thrombosis were negligible (shown as none) while atherosclerosis group animals showed different mean values for plaque frequency, ulceration and thrombosis in rabbits (n = 9). Frequency of plaques, ulceration and thrombosis are shown in atherosclerosis group of rabbits (n = 9).

From: MRI of coronary artery atherosclerosis in rabbits: Histopathology-MRI correlation and atheroma characterization

Plaque Atheroma Index Control Group Atherosclerosis Group
Aortic plaque frequency none 51.3
Coronary plaque frequency none 26.8
Aortic plaque ulceration none 18.2
Coronary plaque ulceration none 16.6
Aortic plaque thrombosis none 12.6
Coronary plaque thrombosis none 14.5
Aortic plaque cracks/fissures none 17.2
Coronary plaque cracks/ fissures none 1.64