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Table 5 Optimization of MRI spin echo parameters TE and TR for T2 parametric contrast enhancement between atheroma and fibrous tissue at 9.4 T (see Figure 6). Different combinations of TE and TR generate T1-, proton density- and T2- weighting and their relative appearance on gray scale.

From: MRI of coronary artery atherosclerosis in rabbits: Histopathology-MRI correlation and atheroma characterization

TR (ms) TE (ms) MRI Signal Intensity on gray scale
2000 10–30 dark; heavy T1 wt
2000 20–40, 50–80 gray; medium T1 wt
1000 2–10 bright; T2 wt
1000 30–70 dark; heavy T1 wt
800 10–20 gray; medium T1 wt
200 20–70 dark; heavy T1 wt