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Table 2 DRVVT, DAPTT and TSVT mixing study data from 80 orally anticoagulated patients with lupus anticoagulants

From: Combining Taipan snake venom time/Ecarin time screening with the mixing studies of conventional assays increases detection rates of lupus anticoagulants in orally anticoagulated patients

Assay n Number with confirmatory test correction back into reference range (%) Number without confirmatory test correction back into reference range (%)
DRVVT 56 7 (12.5) 49 (87.5)
DAPTT 47 26 (55.3) 21 (44.7)
TSVT/ET * 58 26 (44.8) 4 (6.9)
  1. * Twenty eight of 58 (48.3%) TSVT mixing studies had TSVT ratios within the mixing study specific reference range and were excluded from this analysis. DRVVT, dilute Russell's viper venom time; DAPTT, dilute activated partial thromboplastin time; TSVT, Taipan snake venom time; ET, Ecarin time