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Table 3 Comparison of Patient Selection Methods in Prior Studies Examining Warfarin Utilization in AF Patients

From: Examining warfarin underutilization rates in patients with atrial fibrillation: Detailed chart review essential to capture contraindications to warfarin therapy

Study Period Author Setting Patient Selection for AF based on Patient Population Size Warfarin Utilization % "Warfarin Candidates" not on Warfarin % Method of determining Warfarin Utilization
1995–1998 Weisbord et al.13 VA Medical Chart review 1289 65 3.5 Medical Chart reviewed by physicians for documented contraindication
1996–1997 Go et al.11 Large HMO ICD-9-CM code 13428 55 37.9 Pharmacy database, Outpatient INR, ICD for "Coumadin Therapy"
1997–1998 McCormick et al.12 Long term Care Facility Medical Chart reviewed for EKG diagnosis or documentation by physician 429 42 32 Warfarin prescriptions, INR, Physician Notes
2000–2002 Waldo et al.9 Teaching, community and VA hospitals ICD-9-CM code 945 54 22 ICD-9 & Medical chart review
2000–2005 Darkow et al.7 HMO ICD-9-CM code 12539 39 61 Unable to obtain
2001–2003 Hylek et al.8 Urban teaching hospital Electronic medical chart review and ECG verified AF 405 51 2 Electronic medical chart review for physician cited reasons for warfain non-use
2004–2005 Our Study Single Tertiary Care Hospital Medical Chart review and physician confirmation of AF by EKG 364 54 7.1 Medical chart reviewed by physicians for documented contraindication