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Figure 3

From: Comparison of VerifyNow-P2Y12 test and Flow Cytometry for monitoring individual platelet response to clopidogrel. What is the cut-off value for identifying patients who are low responders to clopidogrel therapy?

Figure 3

Correlation between the results obtained by flow cytometric evaluation of platelet activation parameters and VerifyNow-P2Y 12 test in patients receiving antiplatelet therapy. The percent of inhibition (% inhibition) was plotted against the percentage of platelets that expressed bound PAC-1 after stimulation with 20 μM ADP and 5 μg/mL collagen type I for 110 min at room temperature in the presence of 1 μM PG E1. (§) First quartile of control values for PAC-1 binding. The others abbreviations as reported in the Figure 2.

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