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Figure 5

From: Selective and rapid monitoring of dual platelet inhibition by aspirin and P2Y12 antagonists by using multiple electrode aggregometry

Figure 5

Platelet inhibition by ASA, clopidogrel and clopidogrel plus ASA ex vivo. Platelet aggregation as determined by MEA before drug intake (baseline 1; black bars), after oral intake of ASA (100 mg/d for 7 days; white vertically striped grey bars), ASA (100 mg/d for 7 days) plus clopidogrel (600 mg for 4 h; white bars), after 4 weeks of washout (baseline 2; white horizontally striped dark grey bars), and clopidogrel (600 mg for 4 h; grey bars). Blood from five healthy volunteers was exposed to saline (spontaneous aggregation), ADP (6.5 μM), cangrelor (100 nM) + ADP (6.5 μM), AA (0.6 mM), cangrelor (100 nM) + AA (0.6 mM), ASA in vitro (5.4 mM) + AA (0.6 mM). Data are means ± SD (n = 5). The effects of various treatments (after oral intake of ASA, clopidogrel, or both) on platelet aggregation challenged with each stimulus was first tested with overall analysis of variance (n.s. non-significant; §§: p < 0.01; §§§: p < 0.001; on top of the bars) followed by pair comparisons of the individual treatments by the Holm-Sidak-Test, as indicated in brackets under the x-axis (* p < 0.05; ** p < 0.01).

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