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Table 1 EMILIN2 expressed in human tissues

From: EMILIN2 (Elastin microfibril interface located protein), potential modifier of thrombosis

Tissue Reference
Plasma/serum^ [36]
Amniotic fluid^ [37]
Seminal plasma^ [38]
RA synovial fluid^ [39]
Decreased expression in brain arteriovenous malformations* [40]
Increased in granulocytes after G-CSF treatment* [41]
Increased in mesenchymal stem cells* [42]
Osteoblast ECM matrix vesicles^ [43]
Decreased in endometrial stromal cells treated with cAMP* [44]
Hepatic carcinoma cells* [45]
Hepatic carcinoma cells^ [46]
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells* [47]
Colorectal cancer nuclear matrix^ [48]
Fragments in sera of patients with ovarian cancer^ [49, 50]
Human embryonic stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes^ [34]
  1. ^ - protein expression; * - mRNA expression