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Figure 5

From: Global assays and the management of oral anticoagulation

Figure 5

Influence of rivaroxaban on PT, TEG and TGA. Normal plasma spiked with increasing rivaroxaban concentrations was subjected to PT, TEG and TGA measurements as described [32,68]. PT reagents Neoplastin and Innovin are commercially available from Diagnostica Stago (Asnieres sur Seine, France) and Siemens Healtcare Diagnostics (Marburg, Germany) respectively. The modified PT (mPT) reagent was prepared by mixing 1 volume Thromborel S (Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics) with 1.25 volumes 80 mM CaCl2. TEG was with 4 μM phospholipids (Rossix AB, Mölndal, Sweden) and 10 pM TF (Innovin, Diagnostica Stago). TGA was with the CAT reagents from Thrombinoscope (Maastricht, The Netherlands) and includes the PPP reagent (4 μM phospholipids/5 pM TF). TEG and TGA filled grey curves: normal plasma, solid black lines: increasing dabigatran concentration. Correlations between rivaroxaban dose and assay outcome were used to calculate the effective rivaroxaban concentration in a particular test. The mPT, TEG-R and TGA-lag time appeared most sensitive to rivaroxaban (see Table 2).

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