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Table 1 The reasons of hypercoagulation in different states associated with risk of thrombosis discussed in the article

From: Global assays of hemostasis in the diagnostics of hypercoagulation and evaluation of thrombosis risk

Background state Activating material Increased level of procoagulant zymogens Decreased level of coagulation inhibitors Fibrinolysis abnormalities Other hemostasis abnormalities Type of thrombosis
Cancer ТF, NET, MP     Сancer procoagulant, adhesive molecules Venous thrombosis
Pregnancy TF, МР Fg, VII, VIII, X Free protein S PAI-1↑, PAI-2↑ Thrombocytopenia, platelets activation, VWF↑ Venous thrombosis, Arterial thrombosis
Oral contraceptives   Fg, II, VII, VIII, X ATIII, PS, TFPI tPA↑, PAI-1↓   Venous thrombosis
Diabetes mellitus TF, platelet, monocyte, endothelial МP Fg, II, V, VII, VIII, and X ATIII, PC, endothelial ТМ PAI-1↑, tPA↑ Enhanced platelet adhesion, aggregation, leukocyte activation, VWF↑ Arterial thrombosis, Venous thrombosis?