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Figure 1

From: Remarkable regression of massive deep vein thrombosis in response to intensive oral rivaroxaban treatment

Figure 1

Multi-detector computed tomography (MDCT) on admission. A and B. Transverse plane (A) and coronal plane (B) at the ilio-cava junction level. Left external iliac vein (lt EIV) branches off directly from the inferior vena cava. The left EIA is compressed by the abdominal aorta (*) with thrombus; C to E. Transverse plane (C and E) and coronal plane (D and F) at the iliofemoral vein level. Lt EIV, right common iliac vein (rt CIV), left internal iliac vein (lt IIV) and left femoral vein (let FV) have thrombi; G. left popliteal vein thrombus (white arrow); H. thrombi of left lower leg veins/soleal veins (white arrows).

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