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Table 1 Research design

From: Low dose compared to variable dose Warfarin and to Fondaparinux as prophylaxis for thromboembolism after elective hip or knee replacement surgery; a randomized, prospective study

ARM A:  
Variable dose warfarin:  
  5.0 mg beginning the night before surgery, followed by 5.0 mg the PM of surgery, and then variable daily dose, (target INR 2.0-2.5) until day 28 ± 2 follow-up.
ARM B:  
  2.5 mg daily starting 6 or more hours following surgery, but no later than 6 AM the next day, or 6-8 h after epidural catheter removal; continued until day 28 ± 2
ARM C:  
Fixed low dose warfarin  
  1.0 mg daily beginning 7 days preoperatively, and continued at 1.0 mg daily until day 28 ± 2 follow-up.
  1. Bilateral, full leg, venous Doppler and ultrasound analysis 28 ± 2 following surgery
  2. Follow-up phone calls at 6 and 12 months following surgery