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Table 4 Results from the conditional logistic regression analysis of 2,311 females (age 15-49 years) with VTE in the Swedish population and their matched controls

From: Family history of venous thromboembolism is a risk factor for venous thromboembolism in combined oral contraceptive users: a nationwide case-control study

  Model A1 and A2 Model B Model C
  Odds ratio Odds ratio Odds ratio
Contraceptives 2.40 (2.12-2.72)a 2.53 (2.23-2.87) 2.54 (2.23-2.90)
VTE in relative 2.23 (1.96-2.53)b 2.38 (2.09-2.71) 2.39 (2.09-2.74)
VTE in relative *Contraceptives    0.92 (0.57-1.46)
  1. In models A1a and A2b we separately investigated the effect of contraceptives and family history of VTE, respectively, on VTE. Model B included both variables. Model C also included the interaction between contraceptives and family history of VTE.
  2. *=times sign.