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Fig. 5

From: New horizon in platelet function: with special reference to a recently-found molecule, CLEC-2

Fig. 5

S100A13 is present in the normal aorta, and its distribution coincides with that of smooth muscle cells. In figures a, the distribution patterns of smooth muscle actin is similar to that of S100A12. Figures b show that CLEC-2 binding is abundantly present in atherosclerotic aorta, but less so in the normal aorta, and the binding of CLEC-2 colocalizes with that of S100A13. Podoplanin which is a ligand for CLEC-2 is expressed in the atherosclerotic tissues. However, the distribution of podoplanin is distinct from that of S100A13 (figures c), suggesting that CLEC-2 binding in the normal and atherosclerotic aorta is attributed to its binding to S100A13, but not to podoplanin

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