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Fig. 1

From: Current animal models of hemophilia: the state of the art

Fig. 1

Illustration of NSG male mouse with missense mutation in exon 1 of the mouse FVIII or FIX gene. Sequences of tail DNA derived from male founders of hemophilia NSG mice are shown. a Four male founders carrying mutations in the FVIII gene were generated. Deletion of 1 bp (−1/G), 2 bp (−2/GC), and 5 bp (−5/GTGCA) in exon 1 created a premature stop codon at the 72, 38 and 37th AA residue of mouse FVIII, respectively. b One male founder carried an −8/CACCTGAA deletion in the FIX gene, which resulted in a premature stop codon at the 30th AA residue of mouse FIX

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