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Table 1 Causes of venous thrombosis

From: Causes of venous thrombosis

Acquired Genetic Mixed
Medical Drugs Behavioural   
Age Oral contraceptives Obesity Non-0 blood group High FVIII
Major surgery Postmenopausal hormones Long-haul travel Antithrombin deficiency High VWF
Neurosurgery In vitro fertilization Smoking Protein C deficiency High FIX
Orthopaedic surgery Chemotherapy No alcohol Protein S deficiency High FXI
Prostatectomy Psychotropic drugs No exercise Factor V Leiden (rs6025) High prothrombin
Malignancy Thalidomide Exercise (elderly) Prothrombin 20210A (rs1799963) dysfibrinogenaemia
Trauma Corticosteroids Coffee fibrinogen 10034 T (rs2066865) Low TFPI
Prolonged bed rest   Strenuous work (arm thrombosis) factor XIII val34leu (rs5985) High PCI
Central venous catheter    SERPINC1 (rs2227589) High fibrinogen
Plaster cast    FXI (rs2289252) High TAFI
Myeoloproliferative disease    FXI (rs2036914) Hypofibrinolysis
Heparin induced Thrombocytopenia    GP6 (rs1613662) Hyperhomocysteinaemia
Hyperthyroid disease    FV (rs4524) Hypercysteinaemia
Cushing syndrome    HIVEP1 (rs169713)  
Arthroscopy    TSPAN15 (rs78707713)  
Lupus anticoagulant    SLC44A2 (rs2288904)  
    ORM1 (rs150611042)  
  1. F factor, VWF von Willebrand factor, GP6 glycoprotein VI Platelet, TFPI tissue factor pathway inhibitor, TAFI thrombin activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor, PCI protein C inihibitor