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Fig. 6

From: CD163 macrophage and erythrocyte contents in aspirated deep vein thrombus are associated with the time after onset: a pilot study

Fig. 6

Localization of CD163 in aspirated deep vein thrombi. Double immunohistochemical staining for CD68 and CD163 (upper panel), glycophorin A and CD163 (middle panels), and CD163 and CD34 or SMA (lower panels). Expression of CD163 is visualized as a brown stain. Expression of CD68, glycophorin A, CD34, and SMA are visualized as a red stain. Most of the CD163-immunopositive cells (brown) are immunopositive for CD68 (red) (upper panel). CD163-immunopositive cells in erythrocyte-rich areas and phagocytosis of erythrocyte fragments can be seen (arrows, middle panels). Oval or stellate CD163-immunopositive cells in CD34- and SMA-immunopositive organizing areas can be seen (lower panels)

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