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Fig. 1

From: β3 phosphorylation of platelet αIIbβ3 is crucial for stability of arterial thrombus and microparticle formation in vivo

Fig. 1

Delayed thrombosis in DiYF mice. a Characteristics of thrombus growth in WT and DiYF mice in the carotid artery after injury. Bars = 500 μm. b No significant difference in the time to first thrombus formation (>40 μm) between WT (n = 6) and DiYF (n = 8) mice. c Delayed thrombus formation in DiYF mice (n = 8) compared to WT mice (n = 6). d Numbers of thrombi (>100 μm) removed by blood flow in WT and DiYF mice 10 min after carotid injury. e Characteristics of thrombi removed by blood flow in DiYF mice. show blood flow, → show detached/flushed thrombi. Bars = 500 μm. f Delayed thrombus formation in GFP-transgenic DiYF mice (n = 6) compared to GFP-transgenic WT mice (n = 6). g Decreased thrombus volumes from DiYF blood formed on collagen in capillary chambers compared to their WT counterpart. Error bars represent SEM

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