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Table 1 Overview of screening tests, analysers and cut-off values used in this study

From: Detecting clinically relevant rivaroxaban or dabigatran levels by routine coagulation tests or thromboelastography in a cohort of patients with atrial fibrillation

  Reagent Analyser Firm Cutt-off
PT Innovin CS2100 Siemens 12 s
PT Neoplastin STA-R Stago 15 s
aPTT Actin FSL CS2100 Siemens 32 s
aPTT Cephascreen STA-R Stago 32 s
TT Thromboclotin CS2100 Siemens 25 s
TT Thrombin STA-R Stago 25 s
CT INTEM (Tem) ROTEM Siemens 195 s
CT EXTEM (Tem) ROTEM Stago 60 s
Diluted TT Hemoclot CS2100 Hyphen 30 ng/mL
Anti-Xa activity DiXal CS2100 Hyphen 30 ng/mL
  1. APTT Activated partial thrombin time, PT Phrothrombin time, TT Thrombin time, CT Closure time, Sec Seconds