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Table 6 Clinically relevant potential confounders

From: Could sodium imbalances predispose to postoperative venous thromboembolism? An analysis of the NSQIP database

  VTE Mortality Wound Cardiac Respiratory Urinary CNS Sepsis Bleeding Composite Morbidity Return OR Readmission
Age X X   X   X X X     X
Gender     X         
Race X            
Type of Anesthesia X X   X         
ASA Class   X   X X       X X
Infected Surgical Wound Class   X X         X X
Mean Total Operation Time min X            
Intraop Transfusions X X X X X    X     
CHF w/in 30 days X X   X X        X
MI w/in 6 months X X   X         
History of angina   X   X         
Tobacco use in past year X X   X X   X    x   
History of severe COPD   X    X      x   X
Esophageal varices in previous 6 months   X        X x   
Acute renal failure X X           
Currently on dialysis   X   X X    X X X   X
Impaired sensorium in previous 48 h   X    X        
Hemiplegia X X           
History of transient ischemic attacks   X      X      
History of CVA with neurological deficit X X      X    X   
History of CVA without neurological deficit   X           
Tumor involving CNS X X      X      
Bleeding disorder   X        X   X X
Weight loss > 10% in previous 6 months   X           
Disseminated cancer X X   X X    X   X   X
Chemotherapy in previous 30 days X            
BMI X X   X X X X    X   X
Diabetic on oral drugs or insulin   X X X   X X X   X   
Hypertension requiring meds   X   X    X      
Peripheral vascular disease   X X          
Rest pain or gangrene X X       X     
Open wound (with or without infection)    X      X    X X
Steroid use for chronic condition X        X     
Systemic sepsis in previous 48 h   X           
WBC count         X     
Platelet count X X      X      
INR          X    
Creatinine   X           
Serum albumin    X          
Emergency case   X X X         
Surgical Specialty X X           
Dyspnea   X    X        
Functional health status Prior to Surgery X X           
Ventilator dependent   X    X        
Current pneumonia   X    X    X     
Coma > 24 h X X           
Paraplegia X            
Quadraplegia X            
Bilirubin   X           
Hematocrit   X   X         
PTT          X    
Duration of Anesthesia   X   X X