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Table 6 Studies that measure activated protein C-related coagulation and fibrinolysis markers

From: Activated protein C plays no major roles in the inhibition of coagulation or increased fibrinolysis in acute coagulopathy of trauma-shock: a systematic review

Reference (year) Diagnosis Control Normal control Thrombin (surrogate) PAI-1
[8] (2007) No No No Yes Yes
[9] (2007) No No No Yes Yes
[10] (2008) No No No Yes Yes
[43] (2009) PT > 18 s (PTINR> 1.5) Non-ACT Healthy volunteer Yes No
[44] (2010) ISTH DIC Without coagulopathy Healthy volunteer Yes No
[45] (2011) NA ISS 15–29 No Yes No
[46] (2013) NA Normal fibrinolytic activity No Yes Yes
[47] (2014) NA Normal fibrinolysis No No Yes
[48] (2016) No Healthy volunteer Healthy volunteer No Yes