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Table 2 Characteristics, management and clinical outcomes of the 10 bleeding events

From: Rivaroxaban plasma levels in patients admitted for bleeding events: insights from a prospective study

No Site of bleeding Bleeding severity Bleeding occurrence Management Length of stay (days) 90-day outcome
1 Hematuria NMCR Trauma 0 Alive
2 Gastrointestinal Major Spontaneous RBC (3 units)a N/K N/K
3 Gastrointestinal Major Spontaneous RBC (2 units)a 3 Alive
4 Gastrointestinal Major Spontaneous RBC (3 units)a 1 Alive
5 Intracranial Major Trauma PCC (2500 IU) 43 Alive
6 Gastrointestinal NMCR Post-intervention 0 Alive
7 Epistaxis NMCR Spontaneous 2 Alive
8 Intracranial Major Trauma 1 Alive
9 Hematuria NMCR Spontaneous 0 Alive
10 Hematoma NMCR Trauma 0 N/K
  1. N/K not known, NMCR non-major clinically relevant, PCC prothrombin complex concentrates, RBC red blood cells. aTransfusion before blood sampling