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Table 1 PAR1 cleaving proteases

From: Protease-activated receptors (PARs): mechanisms of action and potential therapeutic modulators in PAR-driven inflammatory diseases

  Protease Major cleavage site Additional cleavage sites
Mammalian proteases Thrombin R41S42  
aPC R46N47 R41S42
FVIIa unknown  
FXa R41S42  
Trypsin R41S42  
Chymase unknown  
MMP-1 D39P40, L44L45, F87I88 N47P48, R70L71,K82Q83
MMP-2 L38D39  
MMP-3,-8,-9 R41S42  
MMP-12 unknown  
MMP-13 S42F43 L38T39, mouse
Cathepsin G R41S42, F55W56, Y69R70  
Neutrophil elastase A36T37, V72S73, A86F87  
Proteinase-3 A36T37, P48N49, V72S73, A92S93  
Plasmin K32A33, R41S42, R70 L71, K76 S77, K82 Q83  
Kallikrein-4,-5,-6 unknown  
Kallikrein-14 R46N47  
Granzyme A,B, K unknown  
Calpain-1 K32A33, S76K77  
Non-mammalian proteases PA-BJ R41S42, R46N47  
Thrombocytin R41S42, R46N47  
DerP1 unknown  
Gingipain R R41S42  
SpeB L44L45  
LepA unknown  
S.pneumoniae proteases unknown  
Thermolysin F43L44, L44L45  
penC R41S42