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Table 1 Definition of D-dimers, fibrin monomers, fibrinogen degradation products and fibrin degradation products

From: Management of the thrombotic risk associated with COVID-19: guidance for the hemostasis laboratory

Entity Definition Antigenic definition (what is recognized by the antibodies of the immunoassay – immunogen that was used to obtain the antibodies in the animal)
Degradation products containing the ‘D-dimers’ motif (fibrin degradation products) Soluble molecular assemblies produced by the action of plasmin on polymerized fibrin stabilized by factor XIIIa, hence comprising the ‘D-dimers’ motif Two ‘D’ nodules of two adjacent fibrin monomers in the fibrin network, covalently linked by factor XIIIa
Soluble fibrin complexes Complexes formed of at least one fibrin monomer associated with fibrinogen molecules, but also fibrinogen or even fibrin degradation products – those complexes are soluble in plasma desAA-fibrin (fibrinogen from which fibrinopeptides A have been removed)
Fibrinogen degradation products Molecules produced by the action of plasmin on fibrinogen (when there systemic fibrinolysis occurs) Nodule ‘D’ or ‘E’ of fibrinogen: present on fibrinogen and their degradation products; fibrinogen must therefore be eliminated beforehand so as not to be measured