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Table 1 Summary of cases of isolated post-partum VAD

From: Postpartum vertebral artery dissection: case report and review of the literature

Author Age Presenting Symptoms Risk Factors Affected Vertebral Artery Delivery Time from Delivery (Days)
Current report 31 Frontal headache, vertigo, nausea, vomiting Preeclampsia, smoking Left Cesarean 10
Shanmugalingam et al., 2016 [2] 30 Headache, ipsilateral neck pain NSAID-induced postpartum HTN Right 6
  30 Ipsilateral neck pain Prior IUGR and postpartum eclampsia Left 6
Finley et al., 2015 [4] 35 Thunderclap headache Migraine Right 21
Nishimura et al., 2015 [8] 35 Thunderclap headache Eclampsia, PRES Right 8
Kelly et al., 2014 [9] 39 Thunderclap headache, ipsilateral neck pain, blurred vision HTN, hyperlipidemia Bilateral Vaginal 21
Drazin et al., 2012 [10] 37 Thunderclap headache Bilateral 3
Arnold et al., 2008 [3] 41 Bilateral neck pain Migraine, hyperlipidemia Left Vaginal 18
  27 Ipsilateral neck pain, thunderclap headache Migraine, HTN, hyperlipidemia Right Vaginal 11
  38 Thunderclap headache Migraine, hyperlipidemia Bilateral Vaginal 7
  34 Ipsilateral neck pain, headache Chiropractor neck manipulation Right Vaginal 7
Gasecki et al., 1999 [11] 34 Headache, neck pain   Right Vaginal 14
  1. Abbreviations: HTN Hypertension, IUGR Intrauterine growth restriction, NSAID Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, PRES Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome