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Table 4 “Non-criteria” manifestations of antiphospholipid syndrome (adapted from [9, 18])

From: A catastrophic seronegative anti-phospholipid syndrome: case and literature review

Nervous system Dementia
Multiple sclerosis–like illness
Brain MRI white matter lesions
Cognitive impairment
Skin Livedo reticularis
Livedoid vasculopathy
Raynaud’s phenomenon
Splinter hemorrhages
Skin ulcers
Heart Valve vegetations or thickening (Libman-Sacks Endocarditis)
Diastolic dysfunction
Blood Thrombocytopenia
Hemolytic anemia
Coombs´ test positivity
Kidney Microangiopathy
Chronic vaso-occlusive lesions (atherosclerosis, glomerular ischemia, interstitial fibrosis, arterial fibrous intimal hyperplasia)
Obstetric Late intrauterine growth restriction (after 34 weeks)
Late pre-eclampsia (after 34 weeks)
Placental abruption
Placental hematoma
Preterm birth (> 34 to < 37 weeks)
Puerperal pre-eclampsia
Two or more unexplained in vitro fertilization failures
Two unexplained spontaneous abortions < 10 weeks
Other Superficial vein thrombosis
Amaurosis fugax
Sensorineural hearing loss
Ischemic necrosis of bone
Pulmonary hypertension