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Archived Comments for: Risk factors in coronary atherosclerosis athero-inflammation: the meeting point

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  1. Reactive Oxygen Species, Oxidative - Redox Stress Occur Upstream from Inflammation

    Melvin Hayden, Dept. of Family and Community Medicine Universtiy of Missouri

    26 February 2004

    Dr. Altman,

    Congratulations on your fine review aricle. I found it to be very informative and extrememly well written!

    I think it is exciting that Redox Stress occurs upstream from the inflammatory process and is further induced by the inflammatory process creating a pernicious cycle of damage and dysfunction to the endothelial cell!

    I work with Dr. Tyagi of reference 145 and we are quite interested in diabetes and homocysteine.

    We think it is also exciting that the induced vasa vasorum acts as a custom delivery system to deliver the accelerated substrates to continue the ongoing inflammatory process within the atherosclerotic proinflammatory and prothrombotic vulnerable plaques. We also feel that diabetes is a vascular disease even before the diagnosis of overt type 2 diabetes.

    Cardiovasular Diabetology: Vol 3:1 Feb 2004 Vasa vasorum....

    Is type 2 diaabetes a vascular disease Feb 2003

    INtimal redox stress.... Sept 2002

    We are interested in your thoughts regarding von Willebrand factor in the setting of accelerated atherosclerosis --> atheroscleropathy,metabolic syndrome,and overt type 2 diabetes mellitus in atherothrombosis ?

    Again, thank you for a great paper in this exciting field of study!


    M.R. (Pete) Hayden, M.D.

    Adjunct Assistant Professor

    Department of Family and Community Medicine

    University of Missouri

    School of Medicine

    Competing interests