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Table 2 Evaluated TEG coagulation parameters

From: Thrombin based gelatin matrix and fibrin sealant mediated clot formation in the presence of clopidogrel

Coagulation parameter Description
R-time (R) The time from the start of a sample run until the first significant levels of detectable clot formation in minutes (min).
K-time (K) The time from the measurement of R until a fixed level of clot firmness is reached (Amplitude = 20 mm) in minutes (min).
Angle (α) An indicator of the kinetics of clot formation and fibrinogen level quantified in degrees (º).
Maximum Amplitude (MA) A measurement of maximum strength or stiffness of the developed clot in millimeters (mm) and an indicator of platelet function.
Shear Elastic Modulus Strength (G) A measurement of clot strength calculated as G = (5000A/(100-A))/1000 and reported as dynes per square centimeter (d/sc).
Time to MA (TMA) The time until the maximal clot strength (MA) is reached in minutes (min).