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Figure 7

From: MRI of coronary artery atherosclerosis in rabbits: Histopathology-MRI correlation and atheroma characterization

Figure 7

Different artery atheroma features are represented on coronary artery postsegmented feature map images for distinct plaque components and media layer (first and second panels on top). The combinations of different signal intensities (panels A-F) predict the distinct color-coded plaque feature(s) by using robust VTK program. At bottom, a proton density in vivo MRI image (left panel) shows dark areas of fibrous layer (arrow), lipid rich regions (gray areas open arrow). T2 parametric in vivo image (left panel) is shown with corresponding postsegmented image (middle panel) with corresponding coronary artery histology section showing different areas corresponding with varying T2 ranges for different atheroma components shown in Table 6. On histology sections, matrix appears bluish, calcification show gaps, atheroma as red and continuous fibrous layer.

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