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Figure 2 | Thrombosis Journal

Figure 2

From: Development of an in vitro model to study clot lysis activity of thrombolytic drugs

Figure 2

Clot lysis of blood samples of normal subjects by different concentrations of Streptokinase. Effect of streptokinase on the dissolution of the clots prepared with blood of normal subjects. The clots were treated by four different dilutions of streptokinase i.e., 30,000 I.U, 22,500 I.U., 15,000 I.U., and 7,500 I.U.) and clot lysis % was 70.80, 69.68, 68.93 and 62.16 respectively. Clot lysis % by each dilution of streptokinase differs significantly with water (control) (p < 0.05). The percentage of clot lysis by different concentration of streptokinase ranges from 62–71%

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