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Figure 1

From: Thrombin generation by activated factor VII on platelet activated by different agonists. Extending the cell-based model of hemostasis

Figure 1

Effects of recombinant tissue factor (rTF) compared with sodium arachidonate (AA) at 2 concentrations (0.625 mmol/L and 0.125 mmol/L) plus recombinant activated FVII (rFVIIa) on thrombin generation parameters. Figure according to results of Table 1 to 4, lines 4 and 5, column C and Table 5, line 6, columns B to E. Concentration of rFVIIa: 5 μg/ml add after 10 minutes of PRP incubated with AA at 37°C. AA +rFVIIa time parameters (LT and TTP) are similar to those obtained by rTF in the indicated concentration. Although amount parameters were higher in the combined agonists compared with rTF, differences reach statistically significance when the lower dose of AA were employed (p < 0.01 and p < 0.001 for PTG and AUCo→35min respectively).

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