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Figure 2

From: Assays of different aspects of haemostasis – what do they measure?

Figure 2

Tracings from TEG (A), ROTEM (B) and ReoRox (C, D) with analysis variables depicted. Clotting time as detected by TEG and ROTM (R, CT, respectively) and by ReoRox (COT1 and COT2). The elasticity propagation variable by the instruments (alfa by TEG and ROTEM and Slope by ReoRox). The maximum clot strength (MA by TEG, MCF by ROTEM and G'max by ReoRox). Fibrinolysis variables are LY30 by TEG, LI30 by ROTEM, and Clot SR and Lysis start and T completion (complete fibrinolysis) by ReoRox.

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