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Figure 3

From: Global assays and the management of oral anticoagulation

Figure 3

Clotting factor sensitivity of different global coagulation assays. This figure shows the sensitivity of global tests for clotting factor deficiencies. A mark indicates that an assay is highly sensitive (green), moderate sensitive (blue), or slightly sensitive (orange) to the absence (<1%) of a certain clotting factor. No mark indicates no sensitivity, i.e. a normal assay readout. Sensitivity of different global coagulation tests for deficiencies in procoagulant factors are based on data provided in the following publications: clotting time based PT and APTT [38,39], thrombin generation assay (TGA) [40], thromboelastography (TEG) [41]. The presence of factor V in the assay reagents makes the Owren PT insensitive to this coagulation factor. *0.1% rabbit brain thromboplastin. **Negatively charged particulate to initiate contact activation.

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