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Table 1 95 % reference intervals for tissue factor stimulated ROTEM parameters in whole blood of 40 healthy volunteers using different concentrations of tPA

From: Validation of a modified thromboelastometry approach to detect changes in fibrinolytic activity

  0 ng/mL rTPA 125 ng/mL rTPA 175 ng/mL rTPA
CT (s) 36–72a 33–75a 29–73a
MCF (mm) 52–70a 47–68a 39–66a
LOT (min) 73–120 26–49a 18–40a
LT (min) >120 35–77a 25–57a
FS (%/min) NA 2.5–9.8a 4.1–12.0
FSc (mm/min) NA 1.4–5.7a 2.4–6.6a
  1. aafter normalization and transformation
  2. rTPA Recombinant tissue plasminogen activator, CT Clotting time, MCF Maximum clot firmness, LOT Lysis onset time, LT, Lysis time, FS Fibrinolysis speed, defined as the decline in %/min between the LOT and LT points thus: FS = 75/(LTmin-LOTmin), FS c Corrected fibrinolysis speed in mm/min between the LOT and LT points thus: FSc = (amplitudeLOT-amplitudeLT)/(LTmin-LOTmin)