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Table 3 Differences and similarities between TMA and DIC

From: Differences and similarities between disseminated intravascular coagulation and thrombotic microangiopathy

   Severe DIC Severe TMA
Symptoms Organ failure Often (Lung, Kidney, Shock) Usually (Kidney, CNS)
Bleeding and bleeding tendency Frequent Frequent
Blood pressure Low High
Hematuria Sometimes Frequent
Anemia Often Usually
Laboratory data Platelet count Low Low
Hemoglobin Often low Low
Fibrin related markers Markedly high Slightly high
Prothrombin time Often prolong Normal
Antithrombin Often low Normal
Albumin Often low Normal
Creatinine Often high High
Total bilirubin, LDH Often high High
Treatments Supportive therapy Recommended Recommended
Blood transfusion (RBC, FFP) Recommended Recommended,
Blood transfusion (PC) Recommended Not recommended
Anticoagulant Recommended (Japan) Not mentioned
PE/FFP Not mentioned Recommended
Special treatment AT, rhTM (Japan) Hemodialysis (HUS), Eculizumab (aHUS), Rituximab (TTP)