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Table 1 aHUS Cases Associated with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

From: Successful use of eculizumab to treat atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome in patients with inflammatory bowel disease

Reference # n Pt age Pt gender UC/CD Creatinine improvement (Y/N) TMA resolution (Y/N) Ab/Mutation found?
Case Reports
 Beers [6] [abstract] 1 19 F IBD** Y Y CFH Auto-Ab & HZ CF1/CFH3 Del
 Webb [7] 1 16 M UC Y Y HZ MTHFR mutation***
 Viada Bris [8, 9]* 1 15 F UC NT NT HZ CFH, HZ MCP
 Green H [10] 1 27 F UC Y Y CFH Auto-Ab
 Hanna Case 1 (1/2) 19 M CD Y Y No clear mutation found****
 Hanna Case 2 (2/2) 49 F UC Y Y Testing not completed
  1. Ab antibody, CD Crohn’s disease, CF1 complement factor 1, CF3 complement factor 3, CFH complement factor H, HZ heterozygous, MCP membrane cofactor protein, MTHFR methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene/protein product, n number, N no, NT not treated, Pt patient, UC ulcerative colitis, Y yes. *8, 9 describe same case. ** IBD is only stated, it is not otherwise specified whether UC/CD.***Heterozygous MTHFR mutations are not generally thought to cause aHUS, therefore a known causative mutation was not found in Webb [7]. ****Early on in Case 1 a borderline positive C3 nephritic factor antibody was found and complement testing revealed a high level of soluble membrane attack complex