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Latest article series

 Global Assays in thrombosis, what are they and why do we need them?

Thrombosis can arise from a range of disorders affecting vessel walls, blood flow and blood composition, thus a simple assessment of blood "coagulability" will often fall short. This article collection looks at assays designed to assess the overall interaction.

 This series aims to bring together the latest information about these new assays, and assess their medical usefulness.

Inflammation and its role in thrombosis

 In recent years it has become increasingly clear that the immune system and coagulation pathways interact and influence one another. Inflammation-induced thrombosis is considered a feature of several autoimmune diseases and thus such findings have important consequences for the treatment and management of such diseases.

Editors' quotes

 "Open access is a critical element in dissemination of knowledge and research data throughout the world. In the field of thrombosis and haemostasis many developments are relevant, not only for the developed world, but also for those in underdeveloped nations where access to journals may be limited. The strength of Thrombosis Journal is that is can be accessed by everyone, everywhere. I strongly encourage scientists to submit their valuable data (clinical and basic research) to Thrombosis Journal, where we provide a platform for the full range of thrombosis and haemostasis related topics (also including case reports and special issue contributions)."

 Hugo ten Cate, Editor-in-Chief, Thrombosis Journal

"Treatment and prophylaxis of thrombotic and bleeding disorders is of great importance to the worldwide population, and there is a great need to facilitate the research activities related to this field. The aim of Thrombosis Journal is to provide a platform on which these important studies are visible to all members of the scientific community and public."

 Yukio Ozaki, Editor-in-Chief, Thrombosis Journal

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