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Table 1 Dab2 expression and function in megakaryocytes and platelets

From: The adaptor protein Disabled-2: new insights into platelet biology and integrin signaling

Experimental systems Reported Dab2 expression/function References
Human K562 cells Increased Dab2 expression during TPA-induced megakaryocytic differentiation [19, 3134]
Positive regulation of fibrinogen uptake
Dab2 interacts with integrin β3 and inhibits integrin αIIbβ3 activation
Human CD34+ stem cells Increased Dab2 expression during TPO-induced megakaryocytic differentiation [10]
Mouse embryonic stem cells/OP9 co-culture Increased Dab2 expression during mesodermal and megakaryocytic differentiation [35]
Dab2 is required for mesodermal differentiation
Human platelets High expression of p82-Dab2 in the cytoplasm and α-granule [10, 33, 4749]
Dab2 interacts with the cytoplamic tail of platelet integrin
Secreted Dab2 interacts with integrin αIIb and sulfatide; is a substrate of thrombin
Dab2 regulates fibrinogen binding and homotypic and heterotypic platelet interactions
Mouse platelets Low expression of p59-Dab2 [9]
Dab2-deficient mice display a prolonged bleeding time and impaired thrombus formation
Dab2 is required for platelet aggregation, fibrinogen uptake, RhoA-ROCK activation, ADP release and integrin αIIbβ3 activation stimulated by low concentration of thrombin