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  1. The management of acute pulmonary embolism (PE) has become increasingly complex with the expansion of advanced therapeutic options, resulting in the development and widespread adoption of multidisciplinary Pul...

    Authors: Tiffany A. Gardner, Alexandra Fuher, August Longino, Eric M. Sink, James Jurica, Bryan Park, Jonathan Lindquist, Todd M. Bull and Peter Hountras
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:38
  2. Patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) are at increased risk of venous thromboembolic events (VTE). However, thromboprophylaxis is largely underused.

    Authors: Mirjana Mitrovic, Nikola Pantic, Zoran Bukumiric, Nikica Sabljic, Marijana Virijevic, Zlatko Pravdic, Mirjana Cvetkovic, Nikola Ilic, Jovan Rajic, Milena Todorovic-Balint, Ana Vidovic, Nada Suvajdzic-Vukovic, Jecko Thachil and Darko Antic
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:37
  3. In this report, we report a case of a middle-aged male, admitted to the ICU with cerebral hemorrhage resulting from a severe high-altitude fall. The patient encountered significant challenges in oxygenation in...

    Authors: Lijie Wang, Chengyong Ma, Luping Wang, Qianrong Ding, Hao Yang, Bo Wang and Qin Wu
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:36
  4. Older individuals and, in particular, individuals at risk of recurrent stroke, may be susceptible to thrombosis when participating in exercise, however, this aspect has not been well investigated.

    Authors: L. B. Nørregaard, K. A. Wickham, J. S. Jeppesen, N. Rytter, L. C. Christoffersen, L. Gliemann, M. Lawrence, P. A. Evans, C. Kruuse and Y. Hellsten
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:35
  5. To investigate the genetic underpinnings of the association between type 2 diabetes (T2D), glycemic indicators such as fasting glucose (FG), fasting insulin (FI), and glycated hemoglobin (GH), and venous throm...

    Authors: Mingyi Yang, Xianjie Wan, Yani Su, Ke Xu, Pengfei Wen, Binfei Zhang, Lin Liu, Zhi Yang and Peng Xu
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:33
  6. Antiphospholipid syndrome (APLS) is a systemic immune dysregulation distinguished by repetitive complications and pregnancy loss in the absence of definite etiology. Most research focuses on the laboratory det...

    Authors: Shams ElDoha Galal ElDin Zaiema, Menna Allah Zakaria Mohammad Ali Abou Elwafa, Shaymaa Gamal Arafa Hassan, Radwa Hassan Abou El Fotoh El Adwey, Raghda Mohammed Mostafa Ghorab and Raghda El Sayed Abdel Monem Galal
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:32
  7. The International Medical Prevention Registry for Venous Thromboembolism (IMPROVE) Bleeding Risk Score is the recommended risk assessment model (RAM) for predicting bleeding risk in acutely ill medical inpatie...

    Authors: Daichi Arakaki, Mitsunaga Iwata and Teruhiko Terasawa
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:31
  8. Thromboembolic complications are well known in the treatment of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Over the years it has not been possible to reach a consensus on a possible prophylaxis of thromboembolic ...

    Authors: Christina Salvador, Robert Salvador, Gabriele Kropshofer, Bernhard Meister, Marie Rock, Petra Obexer, Benjamin Hetzer, Evelyn Rabensteiner and Roman Crazzolara
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:30
  9. Thrombosis in ANCA-associated vasculitis (AAV) was prevalent and has been neglected in Chinese patients. This study tried to describe the clinical characteristics, identify the risk factors, and investigate th...

    Authors: Xin Chen, Shuo Zhang, Ruilian You, Yixin Ma, Peng Xia, Xiaoxiao Shi, Haiting Wu, Ke Zheng, Yan Qin, Xinping Tian and Limeng Chen
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:29
  10. C-type lectin-like receptor-2 (CLEC-2) is a member of the C-type lectin superfamily of cell surface receptors. The first confirmed endogenous and exogenous ligands of CLEC-2 are podoplanin and rhodocytin, resp...

    Authors: Lan Sun, Zhe Wang, Zhiyan Liu, Guangyan Mu, Yimin Cui and Qian Xiang
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:27
  11. Analyses of extensive, nationally representative databases indicate a rising prevalence of venous thromboembolism (VTE) among critically ill children. However, the majority of studies on childhood VTE have pri...

    Authors: Jintuo Zhou, Yanting Zhu, Ying Liu, Hairong Zhan, Peiguang Niu, Huajiao Chen and Jinhua Zhang
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:26
  12. The retrieval of inferior vena cava (IVC) filter is essential for preventing complications associated with the device. Advanced techniques have been developed to improve the success rate of retrieving tip-embe...

    Authors: Yang Liu, Junlong Ma, Qiqi Wang, Wei Zeng and Chunshui He
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:25
  13. There are situations where information about the anticoagulant effects of Rivaroxaban could be clinically useful. Methods for measuring Rivaroxaban concentrations are not available at all medical laboratories ...

    Authors: Liselotte Onelöv, Elvar Theodorsson, Mojca Božič-Mijovski† and Alenka Mavri
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:24
  14. Left ventricular thrombus (LVT) formation in patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI) or cardiomyopathies is not uncommon. The optimal oral anticoagulation therapy for resolving LVT has been under inten...

    Authors: Tong Hu, Changli Chen, Kellina Maduray, Wenqiang Han, Tongshuai Chen and Jingquan Zhong
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:23
  15. There is substantial evidence to support the use of several methods for preventing deep-vein thrombosis (DVT) following intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH). However, the extent to which these measures are implement...

    Authors: Ran Zhang, Weige Sun, Yana Xing, Yongjun Wang, Zixiao Li, Liping Liu, Hongqiu Gu, Kaixuan Yang, Xin Yang, Chunjuan Wang, Qingbo Liu, Qian Xiao and Weixin Cai
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:22
  16. This study aimed to analyze the independent risk factors contributing to preoperative DVT in TKA and constructed a predictive nomogram to accurately evaluate its occurrence based on these factors.

    Authors: Zehua Wang, Xingjia Mao, Zijian Guo, Guoyu Che, Changxin Xiang and Chuan Xiang
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:21
  17. Inherited thrombophilia (IT) has a complex pathophysiology and is associated with recurrent miscarriage (RM) by causing placental insufficiency and inhibiting fetal development. However, thrombophilia screenin...

    Authors: Ayman A. Najjar, Imam Hassouna, Mahmoud A. Srour, Hany M. Ibrahim, Randa Y. Assi and Heba M. Abd El Latif
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:20
  18. Antithrombin (AT) is an important anticoagulant in hemostasis. We describe here the characterization of a novel AT mutation associated with clinically relevant thrombosis. A pair of sisters with confirmed type...

    Authors: Maximilian Ruf, Sarah Cunningham, Alexandra Wandersee, Regine Brox, Susanne Achenbach, Julian Strobel, Holger Hackstein and Sabine Schneider
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:19
  19.  We previously conducted a primary survey of pregnant women with hereditary thrombophilia based on national surveillance in Japan, but did not examine their thrombosis-related characteristics. Antithrombin (AT...

    Authors: Takao Kobayashi, Kazuko Sugiura, Toshiyuki Ojima, Mariko Serizawa, Kyuya Hirai and Eriko Morishita
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:18
  20. Patients with venous thromboembolism (VTE) comorbid renal insufficiency (RI) are at higher risk of bleeding and thrombosis. Recommendations in guidelines on anticoagulation therapy for those patients remain am...

    Authors: Shuangshuang Ma, Guohui Fan, Feiya Xu, Xiaomeng Zhang, Yinong Chen, Yuzhi Tao, Yishan Li, Yanshuang Lyu, Peiran Yang, Dingyi Wang, Zhenguo Zhai and Chen Wang
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:17
  21. Causes of death after first time community-acquired venous thromboembolism (VTE) diagnosed in unselected patients at the emergency department (ED) was investigated.

    Authors: Frida Lonnberg, Andreas Roos, Maria Farm, André Heurlin, Mantas Okas, Bruna Gigante and Anwar J Siddiqui
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:16
  22. Identifying venous thromboembolism (VTE) is challenging for patients with cardiovascular diseases due to similar clinical presentation. Most hospital-acquired VTE events are preventable, whereas the implementa...

    Authors: Qin Luo, Xin Li, Zhihui Zhao, Qing Zhao, Zhihong Liu and Weixian Yang
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:15
  23. Microbial infection has been associated with thrombogenesis. This study aimed to detect bacterium-specific genes and other signatures in thrombi from patients with acute ischemic stroke and to relate these sig...

    Authors: Xiaoke Wang, Jie Gao, Yantong Chen, Xiaohao Zhang, Zhengze Dai, Qiliang Dai, Mengna Peng, Lulu Xiao, Xuerong Jia, Haodi Cai, Tao Mou, Xiang Li and Gelin Xu
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:14
  24. A 28-year-old man diagnosed with triple positive antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) and undergoing warfarin experienced three separate admissions to the cardiac ward within a one-month period due to escalating ch...

    Authors: Ai Phi Thuy Ho, Eirik Tjønnfjord, Oliver Meyerdierks and Ellen Elisabeth Brodin
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:13
  25. Sepsis is a global public health burden. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is the third most common cause of death from cardiovascular disease after heart attacks and strokes. We designed this experiment to investiga...

    Authors: Lu Wang, Xudong Ma, Yujie Chen, Sifa Gao, Wei Pan, Jieqing Chen, Longxiang Su, Huaiwu He, Yun Long, Chang Yin and Xiang Zhou
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:11
  26. Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) syndrome is a highly lethal condition characterized by the complication of multiple organ damage. Although the effects of combined antithrombin (AT) and recombinant...

    Authors: Takaaki Totoki, Yuto Makino, Kazuma Yamakawa, Hiroyuki Koami, Takeshi Wada, Takashi Ito and Toshiaki Iba
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:10
  27. Oxidative stress is an imbalance between the body’s reactive oxygen species and antioxidant defense mechanisms. Oxidative stress is involved in the development of several cardiovascular diseases, such as pulmo...

    Authors: Jingchao Yang, Jinzhu Xu, Shuanglan Xu, Zeqin Fan, Chenshao Zhu, Jianyuan Wan, Jiao Yang and Xiqian Xing
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:9
  28. Obstructive shock is extremely rare in clinical practice and is caused by acute blood flow obstruction in the central vessels of either the systemic or pulmonary circulation. Utilizing inferior vena cava filte...

    Authors: ShuTing Gao, YunFei Chen, YaTing Huang, YiPing Dang and YiQing Li
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:7
  29. The prothrombotic state is a common abnormality in patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). However, there is controversy over the use of anticoagulants, especially oral anticoagulants (OAC) due to l...

    Authors: Xing Wang, Wuqian Chen, Jiulin Guo, Xingyu Qiu, Chao You and Lu Ma
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:5
  30. Primary pulmonary artery sarcoma (PAS) is an extremely rare malignant tumor with a poor prognosis. The clinical manifestations of PAS are diverse, including dyspnea, chest pain, cough, and hemoptysis. The poor...

    Authors: Zhiyue Liu, Lili Fan, Shichu Liang, Zhong Wu and He Huang
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:4
  31. Deep venous thrombosis (DVT) is the common clinical cardiovascular disease, and easily develops into post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS). The study aimed to examine the clinical value of long non-coding RNA NORAD gene...

    Authors: Kun Zhou, Na Li, Jia Qi, Pingping Tu, Yan Yang and Hui Duan
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:3
  32. The benefit-risk profile of direct oral anticoagulants (DOAC) therapy in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) and atrial fibrillation (AF) has not been well established yet. This study aimed to eval...

    Authors: Si-qi Lyu, Jun Zhu, Juan Wang, Shuang Wu, Han Zhang, Xing-hui Shao and Yan-min Yang
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:2
  33. Hereditary predisposition play an important role in thrombosis, especially in younger patients. Here we studied a young patient who experienced three different episodes of severe thromboses, some of which were...

    Authors: Xuqian Wei, Houliang Zhang, Weibin Chen, Jian Zhang and Jing Dai
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2024 22:1
  34. Optimising periprocedural management of direct oral anticoagulation in patients with atrial fibrillation on chronic treatment undergoing major surgeries is an important aspect of balancing the risk of surgery-...

    Authors: Christian von Heymann, Martin Unverdorben, Paolo Colonna, Amparo Santamaria, Manish Saxena, Thomas Vanassche, Sabine Köhler, Amanda P. Borrow, James Jin and Cathy Chen
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2023 21:124
  35. Congenital antithrombin deficiency is an autosomal dominant disease that results in deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, which is mainly caused by mutations in the antithrombin gene (SERPINC1). Since SE...

    Authors: Yuwen Huang, Yinling Wang, Xiaoli Wang, Jue Liu, Bing Luo and Yuanmei Gao
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2023 21:123
  36. Von Willebrand factor (VWF) and factor VIII (FVIII) complex play a pivotal role in hemostasis. A deficiency or defect of VWF causes von Willebrand disease (VWD). Recombinant (r)VWF product has proved to be eff...

    Authors: Hiroaki Yaoi, Yasuaki Shida, Kenichi Ogiwara and Keiji Nogami
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2023 21:122
  37. Available evidence to identify factors independently associated with failed thromboprophylaxis (FT) in medical patients is insufficient. The present study seeks to evaluate in hospitalized patients, which clin...

    Authors: Santiago Grillo Pérez, Paula Ruiz-Talero and Oscar Mauricio Muñoz Velandia
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2023 21:120
  38. Thrombotic Microangiopathy (TMA) is a syndrome characterized by the presence of anemia, thrombocytopenia and organ damage and has multiple etiologies. The primary aim is to develop an algorithm to classify TMA...

    Authors: Vanessa Vilani Addad, Lilian Monteiro Pereira Palma, Maria Helena Vaisbich, Abner Mácola Pacheco Barbosa, Naila Camila da Rocha, Marilia Mastrocolla de Almeida Cardoso, Juliana Tereza Coneglian de Almeida, Monica AP de Paula de Sordi, Juliana Machado-Rugolo, Lucas Frederico Arantes and Luis Gustavo Modelli de Andrade
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2023 21:119
  39. There are limited data about the clinical benefits and harm of direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) in stroke prevention in patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) complicated with anemia or thrombocytopenia.

    Authors: Wenlin Xu, Jiana Chen, Shuyi Wu, Nianxu Huang, Xia Chen, Wang Zhang, Wei Hu, Jun Su, Hengfen Dai, Ping Gu, Xiaohong Huang, Xiaoming Du, Ruijuan Li, Qiaowei Zheng, Xiangsheng Lin, Yanxia Zhang…
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2023 21:118
  40. Mixed phenotype acute leukaemia (MPAL) is associated with worse overall survival, compared with other acute leukaemias in adults. Lack of clear treatment guidelines makes the therapy challenging. ALL-like indu...

    Authors: Wojciech Lizurej, Łukasz Mazurkiewicz, Michał Kowalski, Sylwia Szydłowska, Michał Wyrzykowski and Krzysztof Lewandowski
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2023 21:117
  41. Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) can cause sinus obstruction and stenosis, with potentially fatal consequences. High-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (HRMRI) can diagnose CVST qualitatively, althou...

    Authors: Yu-zhou Chang, Hao-Yu Zhu, Yu-Qi Song, Xu Tong, Xiao-Qing Li, Yi-Long Wang, Ke-Hui Dong, Chu-Han Jiang, Yu-Peng Zhang and Da-Peng Mo
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2023 21:116
  42. Alpha-thalassemia (α-thalassemia) is one of the most common monogenic diseases in Saudi Arabia and is associated with significant morbidity. Premarital testing programs in Saudi Arabia reduce the burden of hem...

    Authors: Hayaa M. Alhuthali, Eman F. Ataya, Alaa Alsalmi, Triq E Elmissbah, Khalaf F Alsharif, Hind A. Alzahrani, Ahad Amer Alsaiari, Mamdouh Allahyani, Amal F. Gharib, Husam Qanash, Heba M. Elmasry and Doha Elsayed Hassanein
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2023 21:115
  43. Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) patients have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and thrombotic events, and the presence of antiphospholipid antibodies further raises the risk of these complication...

    Authors: Chiara Schiavi, Luca Marri and Simone Negrini
    Citation: Thrombosis Journal 2023 21:113

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